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Quotes They are really good, I like it. I would recommend them to everyone. Only tip I would love to add to them is than you should add your website in this directory because it can help you to got more customers Quotes
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Quotes Yoga can be a trendy word, or a trendy pass time. Until you experience Nubia De Morais as a teacher, healer and inspiration. I feel now after 20 years of trials, that yoga is becoming part of my life, it is part of my day. As only now I understand the why, how and wow of each movement, each posture. In each class Nubia shares her determination, professionalism and warmth, and demonstrates her many years of dedication to each ONE in the class. I LOVE THEPUREYOGA energy and family. Marisa Quotes
Marisa Lucas

Quotes Big shout out to my amazing Yoga & Meditation teacher Nubia De Morais. Her studio has been my second home the past 4 months and my time here on the coast would not have been the same without her guidance. If you're looking for an authentic yoga or meditation experience, check out The Pure Yoga on Chevron Island. Amazing stuff ? at The Pure Yoga. Quotes
Dina Chester-Freeman

Quotes The Pure Yoga had me feeling more flexible after only one week of classes. I especially enjoy the mind-body connection education that Nubia is obviously so passionate about. I would definitely recommend this class to beginners like myself. Thanks Nubia! Quotes

Quotes I was asked by a friend of mine to join a yoga class of Nubia's. I began at once a week, and soon realising this wasn't enough. You begin to understand how important yoga is, and the necessity to make efforts to apply it to your everyday life. As you will learn from Nubia's classes and her teachings, she is giving us more knowledge to the ways of yoga, its not just about stretching,.... but a way of living. Quotes
John Rooney

Quotes I've been one of Nubias yoga students for three years now. As a mature student it has taken a little longer to reap the rewards, but now my body and mind is feeling younger and younger every day ,i have so much energy and i feel very peaceful. I recomend any mature person to give yoga a go ,it certinly worth the effort, Robyn Strutt Quotes
Robyn Strutt
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