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Welcome  to The Pure Yoga & Wellbeing Centre

Happy International Yoga Day ( 21/06/16)

Happy Solstice Day - shortest day of the year 

Week Celebration at the centre with good reflection about 8 limbs of Yoga - Nyamas

Come along to our classes - Special this week $10.00 each class

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We are located in the heart of Southport: 

It is easy access, plenty street parking area, 100 m walking from Australia Fair Shopping Centre towards north.

We offer Hatha Yoga Group Classes and Private Classes, Meditation and Yoga Nidra Classes, Remedial Massage, 

Thai Massage and Craniosacral Therapy.

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Looking forward to see you soon!


3/111 Scarborough St. Southport, Gold Coast.

Ph: 07 5532 6280   or   Mobile: 0401173072

Yoga Classes 

Hatha Yoga 

We offer the Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes at The Pure Yoga & Wellbeing Centre

Our Classes are classified in Level 1 & 2

Both classes will have long stretch/ strengthen  /holding postures and flow / vinyasa practice, meditation and relaxation. 

Check the timetable and booking your first class.


We offer a variety of Massages at The Pure Yoga and Wellbeing Centre. 

Private Health Rebates are available. 

We suggest bookings in advance to avoid time waiting for your appointment.

* Remedial Massage / Sports/ Trigger points;
* Remedial Massage / Aromatherapy ;
* Traditional Thai Massage 
* Craniosacral Therapy 


Yoga Nidra

Private Yoga Class

Busy schedule to follow up the Timetable - Group Classes? 

We offer private session of Yoga class. 
This Class will follow your schedule and will be tailored for your own needs. 
Our teacher will guide you closely with the all 8 limbs of Yoga if you have some experience in Yoga, or you can start a new practice, or personalize your practice or spend some time working with an injury/recovering. 

Private yoga/ meditation class will be schedule with your agenda. 

Vipassana Group Sitting

At The Pure Yoga & Wellbeing Centre - in Southport we offer the Vipassana Group sitting every

 Wednesdays at 7.30 am 

Saturdays at 6.15 am and 

Sundays at 6.15 am

 Open to all students who had completed the Residential 10-day Courses in Vipassana Meditation - taught by S. N. Goenka.

Aromatherapy - Essential oils

We offer organic essential oils at our Wellbeing Centre.

Check our workshops about how to improve you health with natural products. 

Purchase your Organic Essential oils here

Winter Timetable - Yoga - Meditation - from 12/06/16 until 13/08/16 


9.30 am - Yoga Level 1 

6.00 pm - Yoga Level 1/2 


6.30 am - Yoga Level 1/2 

12.00 pm - Yoga Corporate - Wyndham (private group)

6.00 pm   - Yoga Level 1/2 


7.30 am - Vipassana Group Sitting

9.30 am - Yoga Level 1     

6.00 pm - Yoga Level 1/2 


6.30 am - Yoga Level 1/2

12.00 pm - Yoga Corporate - Wyndham (private group) -

6.00 pm   - Yoga Level 1/2 


9.30 am - Yoga Level 1   

6.15 am - Vipassana Group Sitting - conditions apply 
8.00 am - Yoga Level 1/2 

6.15 am - Vipassana Group Sitting - conditions apply 
8.00 am - Yoga Level 1/2 

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